Review: Toys R Us / Babies R Us Credit Card

toys-r-us-credit-card225The Toys R Us and Babies R Us credit cards are one and the same — the “R” Us Credit Card and the R Us MasterCard cover both stores and offer rewards that you can use in both places. Below is a short overview / review of the cards, including the difference between the store card and the MasterCard:

  • The Toys R Us / Babies R Us store credit card offers 2 points per dollar charged with the card at Toys R Us and Babies R Us. For every 125 points you accumulate, you get $5 in R Us Reward Dollars. In addition, on the day you are approved for the card, you get 15% off your purchases at the R Us stores. (Items such as diapers, formula, gift cards, and others not eligible, so read the fine print.) The card also offers special financing on certain large purchases. Note that the store card can only be used at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores.

  • The Toys R Us / Babies R Us MasterCard is almost identical to the R Us store credit card, with one major difference — it can be used anywhere MasterCard credit cards are accepted, and it earns you .25 points per dollar on purchases outside the R Us stores (or 1 point per $4 charged), to go along with the 2 points per dollar at Toys R Us and Babies R Us. So, it can be used more widely and helps you earn points quicker.

So, which card should you get? Well, the choice isn’t really yours. The Toys R Us / Babies R Us credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank, and the way it generally works is this: you apply and Synchrony Bank decides which card to give you based on your credit history — those with better credit get the R Us MasterCard, those with not-so-excellent credit get the store-only card.

Either way, watch out for this card’s interest rate — it’s 26.99%, one of the highest interest rates on the market! If you every carry a balance on your credit cards, you do not want this one — the interest you pay will essentially cancel out the rewards you earn!

That said, if you want to apply for a Toys R Us / Babies R Us credit card, you can do so online via this application.

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