Review: Toshiba Credit Card

toshiba-credit-cardNote: This Toshiba credit card is no longer available. If a new Toshiba credit card is introduced, it will be reviewed here.

Computer manufacturer Toshiba offers a credit card in partnership with TD Bank for buyers at its Toshiba Direct online store. Our overview / review of the card is below:

The Toshiba Direct credit card has one main offer — and if you can take advantage of this offer without screwing up, it could be worth it. The offer is this:

  • No interest financing if you pay off the complete purchase within 6 months.

In other words, if you buy a Toshiba laptop today and use the Toshiba Direct credit card to buy it, you’ve got 6 months to pay it off without having to worry about interest charges. If you can get it all paid off by 6 months, great. But if you can’t…

Do NOT get the Toshiba credit card if there’s any chance you can’t pay off your purchase within 6 months! Here’s why:

  • If you don’t pay off the complete balance within 6 months, you will then have to pay ALL of the interest you would’ve paid from the day you bought from Toshiba Direct, and…
  • The interest rate is 29.99%.

So, if you don’t finish off your purchase before 6 months is up, you will be paying basically 30% in annual interest on the purchase, and you’ll already have half a year’s interest added to your debt. Just for round numbers, if you bought a $1000 computer and didn’t pay it all off in 6 months, you could be looking at $150 in interest tacked onto the bill after 6 months.

If you think you can handle it, you can apply for the Toshiba credit card after you’ve decided on a purchase at the Toshiba Direct store, or you can go straight to the online application here.

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