Review: The Sportsman’s Guide Credit Card

sportsmans-guide-cc-225The Sportsman’s Guide offers its Visa card as a perk to members of its Buyer’s Club (which costs $39.99 per year and offers merchandise discounts), giving an additional discount on purchases as well as a points program. Our overview / review of The Sportsman’s Guide credit card is below:

The Sportsman’s Guide credit card is a Visa card, meaning you can use it at Sportsman’s Guide as well as anywhere else that Visa is accepted, which is almost everywhere credit cards are accepted. We here at Credit Card Catalog are partial to cards with this sort of wide acceptance, versus many retail credit cards that can only be used at a single store chain.

The Sportsman’s Guide Visa offers the following perks for cardholders:

  • An additional 2.5% discount on all Sportsman’s Guide orders; this is in addition to the standard 5% to 10% discount you already get as a Buyer’s Club member.
  • Get 1% on all other purchases you make with the card outside Sportsman’s Guide in the form of points (1 point per dollar) that you can use toward future Sportsman’s Guide purchases. (Note that you don’t get cash back, just credit toward future purchases.)
  • You can get a free 4000-point bonus (good for a $40 Rewards Certificate) if you use the card for at least $500 in purchases outside of Sportsman’s Guide within the first 90 days of having the card.

While these perks are nice, you should immediately pass them by if you are the type of credit card user that ever carries a balance on your card. The interest rate on this card is a very high 25.24%, which wipes away any benefit you might get from the card if you ever leave a balance on it and have to pay that terrible amount of interest.

The Sportsman’s Guide credit card is issued in partnership with Comenity Bank. You’ll find an online application here.

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