Subprime Credit Cards List

Subprime credit cards are credit cards especially for people with bad credit histories as well as people with no credit history who want to establish credit (or re-establish credit if they’ve handled credit poorly in the past). A subprime credit card can be unsecured (no deposit required) or secured (requires a deposit). Our list below begins with unsecured subprime cards (because most people prefer not to put down a deposit), followed by secured card offerings for subprime borrowers:

  • Capital One QuicksilverOne – This is sort of the subprime version of Capital One’s well-known Quicksilver Rewards card. It has a $39 annual fee and a high 24.99% interest rate. On the upside it has the same 1.5% cash back formula of the standard Quicksilver card. This card is billed as being for “average credit”, but from the comments on the Capital One site, at least some of its cardholders fit in the subprime category.


BankAmericard Secured Credit Card – Bank of America’s secured credit card allows you to fund a credit line between $300 and $4900. There is a $39 annual fee in addition to your security deposit, and the interest rate on any balances you carry on the card is high at 20.49%.