Review: Staples Credit Cards

Office supply superstore Staples, in partnership with Citi, offers a number of personal and business credit cards with varying benefits. Our review / profile of each Staples credit card is below:

  • The Staples Personal Credit Card obviously offers you the ability to stretch out payments instead of paying immediately, but it does offer a couple of other perks, one being that you are automatically upgraded to Premier Status in the Staples Rewards program, meaning you get a 5% rebate on all of your Staples purchases. You also get free shipping on all your Staples orders. However, the card has a 28.49% interest rate, which is ridiculously high — do not get this card if you have a habit of carrying balances, because the interest you pay will essentially cancel out the rewards you earn.

  • The Staples Business Account is targeted to small businesses that want to have the option to revolve balances on their office supply purchases. You get 5% rebates on all of your purchases, free shipping, and the interest rate could be as low as 14.99%, though they also give themselves the option to approve you at a rate of 19.99% or 23.99% — not nearly as appealing.
  • Staples Commercial Account is geared to large organizations that want to be billed monthly but get itemized invoices of what was purchased and when, as well as track purchases to purchase orders. Payment is due in full each month, no revolving balances with this card. However, your company gets the same 5% rebate on purchases, as well as free shipping.