Review: Sony Credit Card

sony-credit-cardIf you’re a big Sony fan — maybe you’re saving up for a Sony TV or a PlayStation — you might be interested in the Sony Card, a Visa credit card issued by Capital One that allows you to earn rewards toward future Sony purchases. Below is a brief over / review of the card:

The Sony Visa offers a points program with the following formula:

  • 5 points per dollar on Sony purchases (but you have to submit purchase confirmation via a Sony Rewards Bonus Points form to get all the points, yuck)
  • 5 points per dollar on entertainment purchases, which includes digital streaming and subscription services, concert and sporting events, music and video downloads, movie and theater tickets.
  • 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

Your points can then be used toward future Sony purchases, including electronics, games, movies, music, “VIP” experiences and more. You generally will get one cent of value per points — for example, 10,000 points should usually get you $100 of rewards.

In addition, you get 5,000 bonus points after your first purchase with the card.

We have a real problem with the fact that Sony only gives you the full 5 points per dollar on your Sony purchases if you fill out a “Bonus Points form.” We have never heard of any other credit card that does something similar. You will get 1 point without filling out the form, but not the other 4. It is a very bizarre thing to require, a huge turnoff.

The interest rate on the card will be somewhere between 16.24% and 24.99%, depending on your credit history. None of those rates is very good, so do your best not to carry a balance on this card, or you’ll essentially cancel out any rewards you receive. (And maybe pay even more than the rewards would be.)

There is no annual fee for the Sony credit card.

Should you get this card?

With so many other credit cards on the market, it’s difficult to see why you’d want to get a credit card that makes you jump through hoops to get your points when you purchase their products. And even if they didn’t, your points could only be used toward Sony merchandise and experiences, meaning there is very little flexibility in redeeming your rewards. The 5 points per dollar on entertainment purchases is attractive; otherwise, we’re underwhelmed with what you get here.

In our book, you’d be better off getting a good cash back credit card than choosing the Sony Card.