Review: Shell Credit Cards

shell-credit-cardIn partnership with Citibank, Shell offers a number of consumer and business credit cards. They are detailed below, with a short review of each. Be sure to check our gasoline credit cards section for other options on gas reward credit cards.

  • The Shell Drive For Five Card offers a very simple rebate formula — you get 5 cents off every gallon of Shell gasoline you buy with this credit card. There are no minimum or maximum amounts of gas you must buy.
  • The Shell Platinum Select MasterCard actually offers you the possibility of a higher rebate than the card above, but you must meet certain minimum purchase levels on non-gas purchases to get the rebate. For example, if you spend over $500 but less than $1000 with the card for non-gas purchases, you’ll get a 10-cent-per-gallon rebate on your gas purchases for that month (on up to 100 gallons). If you spend $1000 – $2499 per month, you’ll get a 15-cent-per-gallon rebate. And spending over $2500 will get you a 20-cent rebate. While these may sound like nice discounts, a good cash back card would very likely earn you much more money, especially because this card gives you no rebate on those non-gas purchases.

  • The Shell Small Business Credit Card is a business credit card obviously intended for companies that have a fleet of vehicles to gas up. While it doesn’t offer any reward perks, it does give fleet managers the ability to control spending on cards, restricting access by employee type, or restricting usage to a single gas station, and other options. You also get reports that allow you to quickly track spending.
  • The Shell Fleet Plus Credit Card offers everything the standard Shell fleet credit card does, but it also offers a per-gallon rebate starting at 3 cents per gallon when you spend over $300 per month with the cards, with the possibility of getting up to 6 cents off per gallon if your company’s spending is much higher.

Overall, the Shell credit cards are decent for heavy gas buyers or those with mainly Shell stations in their area, but none of the cards offer so much that we would necessarily recommend them over other options on the credit card market.