Review: Sears Credit Cards

sears-mastercardSears (in partnership with Citibank) offers four main credit cards to its customers — three consumer cards and one commercial card. Below we offer an overview / review of what each card offers:

Sears Consumer Credit Cards:

Sears offers 2 consumer credit cards and 1 other financing option:

  • The Sears Card is a store credit card, meaning you can only use it at Sears and its affiliated stores online and offline (Kmart,, The card allows you to buy Sears merchandise on credit and also offers some perks such as occasional discounts or special financing offers. It had a hefty interest rate of 25.49% last we looked. You can apply for this card online.

  • The Sears MasterCard offers everything the standard Sears Card offers except that it also is a MasterCard, meaning you can use it at a wider variety of retailers, namely anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can apply for the Sears MasterCard via this online application.
  • The Sears Home Improvement Account is not exactly a credit card, but it offers special financing for home improvements, and it functions basically the same as a credit card. Its purpose is to help you pay for large home improvement purchases by spreading payments over time — things like heating and air conditioning units, kitchen remodeling materials, replacement windows, vinyl siding, entry doors, etc. You must apply in store for this account when you make a purchase of these products or services.


Sears Commercial Credit Card:

  • The Sears Commercial One Card is a credit card aimed at business owners or property management companies. It is no different from a consumer Sears card other than the fact that it is intended to be solely for business-related purchases. Note, however, that the application for the card (which you must print out and fax or mail) does ask for a personal guarantor — a person who takes on the debt if the business doesn’t pay. So, although Sears and Citibank do not want you using this card for personal expenses, they do want you to be on the hook personally if your company doesn’t pay the bill, and they will use your personal credit history in determining whether or not to give you the credit line.

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