Review: Zales Credit Card

Jewelry retailer Zales offers a credit card in partnership with Comenity Capital Bank that offers you credit on any purchase, plus special financing on big jewelry buys. But watch out for that interest rate! Our overview / review of the Zales credit card is below:

The first thing to understand about the Zales credit card is that it can only be used at Zales and nowhere else. Getting a card with such limited usage is always questionable, especially for a store like Zales where your purchases are very likely to be infrequent — most people aren’t buying diamond rings on a regular basis.

The most likely reason to get the Zales credit card is to finance a large jewelry purchase at no interest, and the Zales credit card delivers in that area. You can buy Zales jewelry and spread your payments out over time without paying any interest, with 0% interest credit plans ranging from 6 months to 18 months, depending on the size of your purchase. You may also qualify for their 36-month plan on very large purchases, which has a 9.99% interest rate.

Two things to note on the 0% offers, however. First, if you choose a 12-month or 18-month financing plan, you’ll also be charged a $9.95 transaction fee to get the 0% rate. Second, if you fail to pay even one dollar of what you owe during the 6-month, 12-month, or 18-month period, you will be socked with all the interest you would’ve paid from the date you made the purchase — as if the 0% offer had never existed!

And the interest rate you’d pay? 29.99%! You do not want to be paying the interest that would accrue at that rate over a year or more. So, be careful!

This card also offers a couple other tiny perks, including 10% off jewelry repair services made with the card, and a “birthday offer” that gives you $50 off a purchase of $149 or more. But the special financing offers are really the only reason anyone gets this card.

There is no real reason to apply for the Zales credit card unless you are in store to make a purchase, but there is an online application here if you can’t wait to get started.