Review: Wawa Credit Card

wawa-credit-cardConvenience store / gas station chain Wawa, in partnership with Citibank, offers a credit card that gives you a decent gas discount — provided you never carry a balance. Our review of the Wawa credit card is below:

The first thing to know about the Wawa credit card is that it can only be used at Wawa, nowhere else. It is always good to ask yourself if it’s worth opening a new credit card if it can only be used at a single retail chain, because too many credit lines can hurt your credit score, especially if your credit history isn’t great to begin with.

In the case of the Wawa card, the reward for using it is fuel discounts. You get 5 cents off for every gallon of gas you buy with the card, up to 100 gallons per month. (For the first two months you actually get 25 cents off per gallon, but that is a short-term reward that shouldn’t influence your thinking very much.)

There are no other rewards for using the card, no points program or other loyalty perk. So, you should ask yourself if you buy gas at Wawa often enough for the card to matter. Because you need to consider one other factor:

The Wawa credit card has a terrible 25.24% interest rate!!!

If you EVER carry a balance on your credit cards, you don’t want to be carrying one at over 25% interest! That 5-cent-per-gallon discount won’t seem so great if your interest payments are essentially cancelling it out.

With all that said, if you are a frequent Wawa gas customer AND you always pay your credit card balance in full and on time, you have our blessing to get the Wawa card. If you’d like to apply for the Wawa credit card, you can do so via this online application.