Review: Von Maur Credit Card

Department store chain Von Maur is rather well-known for its interest-free credit card. But it can really be completely free? Our overview / review of the Von Maur credit card is below:

The first thing we should address is that the Von Maur credit card is only accepted at Von Maur stores. Normally this would be a negative — we prefer credit cards with wider acceptance such as store cards associated with Visa or MasterCard. Or, if that’s not possible, we look for exceptional financing offers or rewards. Does the Von Maur offer any of these?

Uh… yeah. It offers the very best financing offer of all — 0% interest with no strings attached. The 0% rate is not for a limited time, it’s for all the time. You don’t get a penalty if you pay late: no fees or interest rate hike for you.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay your bills, though. In fact, Von Maur requires a larger monthly payment than other credit cards — roughly 20% of your balance each month. So, while the rate is 0%, you can’t string this one out forever like you can with other credit cards. (Which is a good thing, by the way; you don’t need that debt hanging over you.)

The Von Maur credit card does not offer rewards or other perks — it exists exclusively to give you the option to pay for your purchases over an extended period of time, without having to worry about paying interest. If you’d like to apply for the Von Maur credit card, you’ll find the online application here.