Review: Union Plus Credit Cards

union-plus-ccIf you a current member of a labor union or a retiree of a labor union, you are eligible to apply for a Union Plus credit card (issued by Capital One). You might have the opportunity to get a card specific to your local union, or you could choose the general Union Plus card. Either way, the features and benefits of the card will be the same. Below we offer an overview / review of your Union Plus credit card options:

  • The Union Plus Cash Rewards Card is a cash back credit card that gives you a straight 1.5% rebate on all your card purchases. It is a no-annual-fee-card with an interest rate between 13.15% and 23.15%, depending on your credit history. For the first year, your interest rate is actually 0% on both purchases and balance transfers (though you’ll pay a one-time 3% fee on transferred balances). The 1.5% rebate is good, though there are other cash back cards that offer a bit higher rebate.

  • The Union Plus Rate Advantage Card is for those whose main concern is their card’s interest rate. It offers no rewards, but you could get an interest rate as low as 11.15% if your credit history is good, though it could still be as high as 21.15% if your credit is shaky. For the first 15 months you have the card, you’ll get a 0% rate on your purchases and your balance transfers (but a one-time 3% fee on transferred balances). No annual fee. This card compares mostly favorably to other low interest credit cards.
  • If your credit history is not as good, there is the Union Plus Credit Access Card. It offers the same 1.5% cash back offer as the Cash Rewards Card above, but it comes with a $35 annual fee and a 20.05% interest rate. We think this is a good credit card if you have bad credit and can’t qualify for other no-annual-fee cards.

With any of the cards above, you will also have access to special Union Plus discounts and rebates such as rebates on union-made vehicles, health club discounts, car rental discounts, Disney discount tickets, etc. Click here to see all the current discounts.

If you’re interested in applying for a Union Plus credit card, you’ll find an online application at the Union Plus site.