Review: The Company Store Credit Card

company-store-credit-cardBedding and bath retailer The Company Store, in partnership with Comenity Bank, offers a credit card that allows you to earn reward points toward future Company Store purchases. But watch that interest rate! Below you’ll find our complete overview / review of The Company Store credit card:

The first thing to know about The Company Store credit card is that it is only accepted at The Company Store, nowhere else. This limited acceptance is a strike against it — do you really want to open a new credit line just to buy on credit at a single retailer? Do you buy from The Company Store often enough for a store-specific card to make sense? In most cases, we would guess the answer is “no” to both those questions.

And you don’t get much for the tradeoff — the card offers a few cardholder exclusive discounts throughout the year, and a one-time free delivery offer when you first get the card. That’s it as far as we can tell. (There used to be a points reward program associated with the card, but we no longer see any mention of this in their promotional materials.)

To top it all off, the card has a terrible 25.24% interest rate. If you ever carry a balance on your credit cards, do NOT get The Company Store card.

Overall, we are not high on this credit card. However, that’s your call. If you’d like to apply for a Company Store credit card, you’ll find an online application here.