Review: Stoneberry Credit Card

Stoneberry-logoStoneberry, a catalog retailer, tries to get you coming and going when it comes to making profits off of your purchases. Our overview / review of the Stoneberry credit program is below, including a review of the catalog itself, which is necessary in order to give you the whole picture of what you’re getting into here:

Stoneberry’s target customer seems to be someone who can’t afford to pay for its offerings all at once. So, Stoneberry helpfully offers you credit that will allow you to pay over time. Nothing new there, right?

Well, here’s what is new: Stoneberry’s prices are hugely inflated from those of other retailers. It didn’t take very long in comparing Stoneberry’s prices to other online retailers for us to see that they often charge twice as much for the same item that you can find elsewhere. But they don’t want you to notice that, so they emphasize the “Price Per Month”, as if that makes the overall price lower. And you don’t even need to fill out an application for credit; they’ll give you an automatic offer for credit on any purchase — they want you buying on credit and not paying attention to the price!

But that’s not all. After charging you these higher prices, they offer you credit with an interest rate of over 20% in most cases — like we said, they get you coming and going.

Don’t fall for this. Even if you have bad credit or simply not enough money, Stoneberry is the last place you should be buying from. Check out our Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit or Secured Credit Cards sections to find a better credit card. Other cards may not be ideal, but they are a better option than the double whammy Stoneberry will hit you with.