Review: Star Trek Credit Card

star-trek-credit-cardNASA Federal Credit Union offers a Star Trek Visa that offers you the opportunity to earn Star Trek-specific rewards based on your card purchases.

The Star Trek credit card offers a basic rewards points program, with extra points for Star Trek purchases and of course Star Trek rewards (though not a tone of them, honestly). You get:

  • 3 points per dollar on all purchases
  • 2 points per dollar on gas purchases
  • 1 point per dollar on all other purchases

Points can then be redeemed for “exclusive Star Trek experiences and rewards” or other rewards such as travel, gift cards, merchandise, etc. (Last we looked, the Star Trek rewards were paltry — take a look to see if that’s changed.)

The interest rate on the Star Trek Visa will depend on your credit history — it could be as low as 11.65% but you could also be accepted at a rate as high as 17.99%. These are pretty good rates, but you still don’t want to carry a balance on this credit card (or any other card for that matter) because the interest you pay will essentially wipe out the rewards you receive.

You may have the impression that it would be difficult to get this card if you don’t qualify to be a member of the NASA Federal Credit Union, but that is not so. Actually anyone can join the credit union; if you don’t qualify as a NASA employee or family member, they will sign you up for a free membership to the National Space Society during the application process and that membership then qualifies you to be a member of the NASA credit union.

So, if you want to wave your Trekkie flag in the form of a snazzy Star Trek credit card with Trek rewards, you can apply via this online application.