Review: PacSun Credit Card

pacsun-credit-cardNOTE: The PacSun credit card is no longer offered. For other options, see What’s The Best Credit Card For Me?

Pacific Sunwear, known to most as PacSun, offers a credit card in partnership with Comenity Bank that allows you to earn points that lead to discounts on future PacSun purchases. Our overview / review of the PacSun credit card is below:

The PacSun credit card is only for use at PacSun stores or PacSun online. It can not be used at any other stores, so it is a very limited credit card. Here at Credit Card Catalog we generally prefer cards with wider acceptance over store-only cards such as this. Every new credit card causes a slight downgrade to your credit score, something to remember especially if your credit history is shaky.

However, if you are a frequent PacSun shopper with good credit, it does offers the following easy-to-understand reward that may entice you:

  • For every $100 you spend with the card, you will get a $10 discount certificate to be used toward a future PacSun purchase. (You earn 1 point per dollar charged to the card, and 100 points gets you the $10 rewards certificate.)

The $10 reward for $100 in purchases is a fairly generous reward when compared to other retailers’ rewards programs.

Now, here’s the question: Do you ever carry a balance on your credit card and have to pay interest? If so, steer clear of the PacSun credit card, because it has a crazy high 24.99% interest rate. You don’t need to be paying an extra 20+% on top of the cost of your purchases, and the interest you pay will essentially cancel out the discounts you receive.

That said, if you can handle your credit well and dig the PacSun rewards, you can apply for the PacSun credit card by using this online application.