Review: Mills Fleet Farm Credit Card

mills-fleet-farm-creditMills Fleet Farm, in partnership with Synchrony Bank, offers 2 credit cards that allow you to earn reward points toward future Fleet Farm purchases. Below we offer an overview / review of the cards:

If you apply for a Fleet Farm credit card and your credit history is good enough, you’ll be approved for the Visa which can be used at Fleet Farm and anywhere else Visa is accepted. If your credit is not good enough, you’ll be considered for the store-only card, which is only accepted at Fleet Farm. The Visa is the more desirable of the two, because you can use it more widely and it also gives you the opportunity for greater rewards.

On to the rewards…

When you use your Mills Fleet Farm credit card, you get:

  • 4 points per dollar on purchases with the card at Mills Fleet Farm
  • 1 point per dollar on purchases everywhere else. (But only for Visa cardholders; remember the store-only card is only good at Fleet Farm.)

Every time you reach 2500 points, you get a $25 Fleet Rewards card good toward future Mills Fleet Farm purchases.

You’ll also get 10% off of your first Mills Fleet Farm purchase with either the Visa or store card.

There is one other feature to know about these cards: on purchases of $299 or more, you can choose to not get the reward points but instead finance those big purchases at a 0% rate for 6 months. But make sure you pay off the full balance in 6 months, or you’ll get socked with all of the interest charges that would’ve accrued since the date of the purchase — as if the 0% offer had never existed!

Finally, let’s talk interest rate, because it is definitely something to consider with this card. If you qualify for the Visa, you could get an interest rate of 18.74%, which isn’t terrible for a retail store credit card. However, if Fleet Farm & Synchrony Bank determine you don’t qualify for that rate on the Visa, or if they determine you only qualify for the store card, they’ll give you a 29.74% interest rate. Yikes!

Unless you always pay off your credit card balances in full, the interest you pay on this card will essentially cancel out any rewards you earn.

You can apply for the Mills Fleet Farm credit card in store or via this online application.