Review: Men’s Wearhouse Credit Card

mens-wearhouse-credit-cardMen’s Wearhouse, in partnership with Synchrony Bank, offers a credit card that builds on its Perfect Fit rewards program. Our overview / review of the Men’s Wearhouse credit card is below:

The first thing to note about the Men’s Wearhouse Perfect Fit credit card is that it is only accepted at Men’s Wearhouse. We are always hesitant about recommending that you open a new credit line for a card with such limited usage, unless there is some very compelling rewards program or discount being offered.

Does the Men’s Wearhouse credit card have that compelling feature? Well, yes, actually it does. You get 5% off of all your Men’s Wearhouse purchases when you buy with the store’s credit card, a discount that would be difficult to pass up, especially if you shop at Men’s Wearhouse regularly.

If you get the card, you are also automatically enrolled in the Men’s Wearhouse Perfect Fit rewards program, which gives you $50 off a future purchase with every $500 you spend. However, you do not have to get the credit card in order to be in the Perfect Fit Rewards program. (But you won’t get that 5% discount without the credit card.)

Now, there is one other point to make. Use the card for the 5% discount, but then pay it off COMPLETELY when your bill comes. Not only do you not want to pile up debt, you most definitely don’t want to pile it up at the ridiculous interest rate that this card charges: 25.99%!!! If you ever carry a balance on this card, you’re probably canceling out your 5% discount and even more.

That said, if you can handle paying off your card in full each month, that 5% savings is nice, especially if you have to buy finer clothes on a regular basis. You can apply for the Men’s Wearhouse credit card online via this application.