Review: Meijer Credit Card

Meijer superstores, in partnership with Comenity Bank, offer two credit card products that give you rewards every time you shop at Meijer. Our review / overview of the Meijer credit cards is below:

The two Meijer credit cards are mostly the same. The difference is that one is a MasterCard, accepted at Meijer and anywhere else MasterCard is accepted. The other is a Meijer store credit card, accepted only at Meijer. If your credit history is good enough, you’ll be approved for the Meijer MasterCard. If not, you’ll likely be approved for the store-only card.

As far as we can tell, both cards offer essentially the same rewards. The only difference is that you can earn rewards faster with the MasterCard because it is accepted at other retailers in addition to Meijer. The rewards program offers:

  • A $10 rewards certificate toward future Meijer purchases with every $750 charged to the card.
  • 10 cents off of every gallon of Meijer gas purchases with the card.
  • $10 off your first purchase with the card
  • Other cardholder-only discounts throughout the year.

Your interest rate on the Meijer credit cards will be either 20.99% or 24.99%, both of which are terrible rates, so don’t get a Meijer card unless you are absolutely sure you’ll pay off the full balance each month. Otherwise the interest you pay will essentially cance out any rewards you receive.

You can apply for the Meijer card online with this application.