Review: Lord & Taylor Credit Card

Department store chain Lord & Taylor, in partnership with Capital One, offers a credit card that lets you earn rewards toward future Lord & Taylor purchases, plus other discounts and perks. Our overview / review of the Lord & Taylor credit card is below:

First off, you should know that Lord & Taylor credit cards can only be used for purchases at Lord & Taylor stores. This limited usage is something to consider: Do you shop at Lord & Taylor often enough to want a new line of credit just for this store, especially considering its high interest rate (which we’ll discuss in a moment)? Do you want to take the little hit to your credit score that opening a new card will cause? (The hit to your score is usually temporary.)

Maybe you do, if the rewards of the card are good enough. Here’s what the Lord & Taylor credit card offers:

  • You get a $10 reward toward a future Lord & Taylor purchase every time you spend $200 with the card.
  • You get 15% off of your purchases on the day you are approved for the card (up to $100 in savings).
  • A “birthday bonus” that is likely to be a discount offer.
  • Other “exclusive events” just for cardholders.
  • If you spend over $1000 with the card, you can move up a tier in the rewards program and get free shipping on online orders and additional discount offers.

Like so many department store credit cards, the Lord & Taylor card has a ridiculously high interest rate: 27.24%. If you ever carry a balance on your credit cards, steer clear. The interest you pay on this card will not be worth the rewards and discounts you receive.

However, if you do pay your balances off each month religiously, you can apply for the Lord & Taylor credit card online via this application.