Review: Justice Credit Card

justice-credit-card-capital-oneTween girls retailer Justice, in partnership with Capital One, offers a credit card that lets you buy today and pay later, plus get any everyday 5% discount on Justice purchases. But watch that interest rate! Our overview / review of the card is below:

The Justice credit card can only be used at Justice, which is a strike against it. Unless a retail credit card is giving you great rewards, we frown on opening a credit line that has such limited usage.

However, if you are a frequent Justice buyer, you’ll get 5% off all of your purchases with the card. That is a strong incentive to get the card. (You’ll also get 15% off your first purchase with the card, but that’s a one-time bonus that shouldn’t play in to your thinking.)

Now, the interest rate — 27.74%!!! You do not want to be carrying a balance on a credit card with that kind of an interest rate!

So, in conclusion, the Justice credit card offers a very nice 5% discount on all Justice purchases, but you should only get the card if you are absolutely sure you are going to pay off the full balance every month. Otherwise, the interest you pay will essentially cancel out the discounts you receive.

You can apply for the Justice credit card via this online application.