Review: J.Jill Credit Card

j-jill-credit-cardWomen’s clothing retailer J.Jill, in partnership with Comenity Capital Bank, offers a credit card with attractive discounts, but be careful! Our overview / review of the J. Jill credit card is below:

The J.Jill credit card is only accepted at J.Jill, not at any other stores. In general, we aren’t big fans of single-store credit cards with such limited acceptance, but the J.Jill card is a bit different. If you are a frequent J.Jill customer it could make good sense, as long as you are diligent about paying off your balance each month.

What’s so good about it? Well, when you purchase with the card, you get 5% off every J.Jill purchase. If you buy from J.Jill often, you really don’t want to be paying 5% more than you need to, right? That would drive you crazy!

In addition to the everyday 5% off you get with the card, you get one 20%-off purchase during your birthday month, plus other cardholder discounts throughout the year. (You’ll also get 10% off the first thing you buy with the card once you’re approved.)

Now, if there is a knock on the J. Jill credit card, it’s this: a 28.49% interest rate! That’s a crazy high rate, and if you carry a balance on this card you’re essentially kissing those 5% discounts goodbye, because you’ll be paying it back in interest. But, if you are a good little credit card user and you always pay your bill in full each month, by all means go for it.

You can even apply right now via this online application.