Review: Huntington Bank Credit Cards

huntington-bank-credit-cardHuntington Bank offers a single credit card option, but in some ways the card can be whatever you want it to be, reducing the need for Huntington to offer more card products. See what exactly that means in our review below:

Huntington’s credit card is called the Voice MasterCard. The “voice” in the name refers to your voice, meaning you have a voice in the features the card offers. What’s more important to you — a lower interest rate or rewards? You choose.

Specifically, you can choose between

  • Voice with rewards. You earn 1 point per dollar charged to the card, but you also earn 3 points in one spending category of your choice, such as grocery purchases, gas, restaurants, and more. (Wal-Mart is a 3x category unto itself.) Points are worth 1 penny each: for example, 10,000 points equals $100 in cash or merchandise rewards. The interest rate on this card can be as low as 13.24% if your credit is very good, to as high as 24.24% if it’s not so good.
  • Voice without rewards is simply the same credit card with an interest rate that is 3 points lower than the rewards version. In other words, you could qualify for an interest rate as low as 10.24%, and the rate tops out at 21.24% for those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

No matter which version you choose, the card has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and an “extra day grace period”, meaning your minimum payment each month can arrive one day past the due date and still be considered on-time.

Overall, the Voice card is a good option for current Huntington customers who want to extend their relationship with Huntington. However, there are other credit cards on the market that offer greater rewards or offer lower interest rates, so it makes sense to check our pages on Cash Back Credit Cards and Low Interest Credit Cards before you make a final decision.

That said, you can apply for the Huntington Voice credit card at a branch or via this online application.

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