Review: Gymboree Credit Card

Children’s clothing retailer Gymboree, in partnership with US Bank, offers a credit card that gives you an instant discount on Gymboree purchases as well as the opportunity to earn reward points toward future buys. Our overview / review of the card is below:

The Gymboree credit card is a Visa, which means you can use it not only at Gymboree but also anywhere else Visa is accepted. Many, many credit cards affiliated with retailers are limited in their use to only the chain in question — in this case, you get much wider usage, a good thing.

Other than the opportunity to buy stuff on credit, what does the Gymboree Visa give you? Well, how about:

  • 5% off all Gymboree purchases made with the card. To not have the card means you are automatically paying more than Gymboree credit card holders.
  • a 1% reward on all other purchases you make with the card, in the form of $10 Gymboree gift cards. (Every $1000 in purchases outside Gymboree equals a $10 gift card.)
  • 25% off your first Gymboree clothing purchase with the card.
  • A one-time $10 gift card immediately once approved for the card.

There is no annual fee for the Gymboree credit card. The interest rate varies based on your credit history — you could get approved at a reasonable 15.74% rate but could also be approved at a rate up to 24.74%. We never like it when credit card companies give themselves the leeway to approve you at any rate they choose, so if you have shaky credit, don’t take your chances with this card. You’re likely to get the 20%+ rate, which you absolutely don’t want.

However, if your credit is decent, you don’t carry balances on your credit cards, and you have kids who need clothes, this is a pretty good credit card.

You can apply at Gymboree stores, or get the Gymboree credit card application online.