Review: Guitar Center Credit Card

guitar-center-ccGuitar Center offers a credit card in partnership with Synchrony Bank that can help you finance new gear with no interest. But you’ll need to be careful. Our overview / review of the Guitar Center credit card is below:

The Guitar Center credit card can only be used at Guitar Center stores. It does not offer rewards of any sort; its main purpose is to get you to finance your instrument & gear purchases.

The card offers special financing at a 0% interest rate, meaning that as long as you pay off your complete purchase in the time specified, you won’t pay anything extra in interest charges. The 0% offers change from month to month, but, as an example, sometimes Guitar Center offers 0% interest for 18 months on new gear. You purchase an instrument or equipment with the Guitar Center credit card, then you get 18 months to completely pay off the cost, without paying any interest.

Sounds good, right? However, don’t forget to read the fine print: For any 0% offers from Guitar Center, you must pay every last cent of what you owe within the 18 months (or other designated period). If you don’t pay it off completely, you will then be charged ALL of the interest that would’ve accrued from the day you made the purchase. And the interest rate you’ll be paying is 29.99%!!!. If you purchased $500 in gear, you could suddenly get smacked with an extra $200+ in interest at the end of the term if you haven’t paid off the card!

With that known, if you still want to apply for a Guitar Center credit card, you can apply online or inside a Guitar Center store.