Review: Gettington Credit Card

gettington-logoCatalog & online retailer Gettington, in partnership with WebBank offers a credit card that allows you to finance your purchases, but at a ridiculously high interest rate that should give you pause. Our overview / review of the Gettington credit card is below:

The first thing you should know about Gettington is that it is offering you credit only on Gettington purchases; it is not accepted elsewhere. We aren’t generally fans of credit offers that restrict you to a single retailer, because it forces you to open a credit line for a very narrow use — opening up too many lines of credit like this can be a negative on your credit report.

Sometimes we can still make a case for getting a credit card with limited usage if it has great rewards or some other significant feature that is good for cardholders. Unfortunately, the Gettington credit card does not offer any rewards and no other favorable terms either.

In fact, if you get a Gettington card and end up paying interest, you will do so at an astronomical interest rate — 29.99%!! That’s crazy!

So, why would anyone do it? Why would anyone get this card?

Well, while Gettington never says so on its website, it’s a good bet that Gettington targets customers with shaky credit histories, people that can’t get a traditional credit card and have fewer options. Most people who buy from Gettington will do so because they’ve received a Gettington catalog in the mail that gives them reason to believe they will be approved for Gettington credit. That 29.99% interest rate is likely in very small print.

So, we can’t say anything positive about using Gettington credit. If you do need to buy from them, be very sure you pay off your complete balance every time in order to avoid those high interest charges!