Review: GameStop Credit Card

gamestop-credit-cardPopular video game retailer GameStop, in partnership with Comenity Capital Bank, offers a credit card you can use to buy games and equipment on credit, but it offers little else and comes with a very high interest rate. Our overview / review of the GameStop credit card is below:

The first thing to understand about the GameStop credit card is that it can only be used at GameStop, nowhere else. This limited usage is a strike against it — opening a line of credit can hurt your credit rating, especially if your credit history is not so great, and to do so for purchases at just one retailer is always questionable.

However, if a credit card has good perks, you can overlook its limited usage, especially if your credit history is good. But, after an initial signing bonus of PowerUp Rewards points, the GameStop credit card offers nothing more than the vague promise of “exclusive cardholder offers,” which usually means the occasional coupon and maybe some bonus point offers from time to time.

To be specific, when you are approved for the GameStop credit card, you get:

  • 15,000 PowerUp Rewards points if you are a paid Pro member.
  • 5,000 PowerUp Rewards points if you have a free, Basic membership.

If you are reading this, you probably already know that Game Stop offers a PowerUp Rewards program that rewards you with points on your GameStop purchases, and that you can be a Basic member for free or get a few more perks as a Pro member for $14.99 per year. You do NOT have to get the credit card to be a member of the PowerUp Rewards program; the card just offers you bonus points when you first get it, but does NOT enhance your points for using the card to make purchases at Game Stop.

OK, so say you are willing to get the card because you want those bonus points. That’s fine, as long as you understand one thing: the GameStop credit card has an interest rate of 27.74%!!! That is extremely high, even by the inflated standards of the credit card industry. If you EVER carry a balance on this credit card, you will be socked with interest and you will wish you hadn’t opened it just to get a few bonus points.

All that said, it’s up to you. If you want the GameStop credit card, you can apply in store or via this online application.