Review: Furniture Row Credit Card

furniture-row-credit-cardFurniture Row, in partnership with Capital One, offers a credit card you can use to finance your purchases at a 0% interest rate. But is it worth it to add this card to your wallet? Our overview/review of the Furniture Row credit card is below:

The first thing to understand about this card is that it is only accepted at Furniture Row stores (Sofa Mart, Oak Express, Bedroom Expressions, Denver Mattress, The Linen Shoppe) and not anywhere else. This limited acceptance is a strike against it; here at Credit Card Catalog we prefer credit cards that can be used widely, not cards tied to a single retail chain. Opening too many credit lines can hurt your credit rating, so you should be careful how often you acquire a new card.

That said, it is easy to see why you might want to add the Furniture Row card. Most furniture purchases are sizable, and the Furniture Row card will let you finance those big purchase with no interest — last we looked you could pay over time, interest free, for anywhere from 18 to 36 months, depending on the size of your purchase.

And, unlike many other retail credit cards that play “gotcha” with “deferred interest” offers that could eventually make you pay interest even on balances you’ve already paid off, the Furniture Row card will only ever make you pay interest on what you actually still owe. That sounds like common sense, but it is the opposite of how many similar cards do business.

However, you should note that any balance that does not get paid off during the zero-interest period will then be charged interest at a very high 24.9% rate, so there is still the potential to get in trouble here if you’re buying more than you can afford.

Overall, though, we like the Furniture Row credit card as a way to get your furniture today and have a good long time to get it paid off without paying extra.

There is no need to apply for a Furniture Row credit card until you are actually ready to make a purchase and you can see what the current 0%-interest offer is. However, if you want to get more information on the card, go here.