Review: First National Bank of Omaha Credit Cards

First National Bank of Omaha, through its First Bankcard division, offers a number of credit cards that have competitive features, including some that stack up well with the best cards on the market. Note that these cards may not be available in all geographic areas of the United States.

Below we offer an overview and review of all the cards offered by First National Omaha:

  • Limited Time Offer Through January 9, 2019: The First National Cash Back Visa gives you a flat 2% rebate on all your purchases AND for the first 6 months that rebate will actually be 3% on all purchases. No annual fee.
  • The First National Bank American Express Card is a no-annual-fee cash back credit card with a 1.5% flat rebate formula on all purchases you make with the card. While this is somewhat competitive in today’s market, there are better cash back credit cards on the market.

  • The First National Bank Complete Rewards Visa offers a 1% cash back rebate on everything you buy with the card, BUT you can increase that to 2% if you let them deposit those rewards into a First National checking, savings, or 529 education account, or if you use them to pay down your First National mortgage loan.
  • The First National Bank Platinum Edition Visa does not offer rewards but has a lower interest rate than the bank’s other cards. Depending on your credit history, you could get an interest rate as low as 11.74% or as high as 19.74%. You can also transfer a balance from another credit card to this one and get a 0% interest rate on that balance for 15 billing cycles. (Note, however, that you will pay a one-time fee of 3% of the balance transferred if you take advantage of that offer.) No annual fee.
  • The First National Secured Visa Card is a whole different animal than the cards above. It is a credit card designed for those with no credit history or a bad credit history. As such, it requires what amounts to a refundable security deposit. You put down a deposit of anywhere from $300 to $5000, and the card has a credit limit equaling the amount of your deposit. (Your deposit does earn a small amount of interest.) Note that you pay off the credit card just like any other — your security deposit is just collateral, and is not used to pay your balance unless you stop making payments. If you do make your payments on time each month, this card can help you create a good credit history or at least help you start fixing your past bad history if you’ve had credit problems. In fact, after 11 months of responsible card usage by you, First National will consider returning your deposit while letting you continue to use the card in a regular, unsecured fashion.