Review: Fifth Third Bank Credit Cards

Regional bank Fifth Third offers a small number of credit cards to its customers, but unfortunately there is nothing here that really stacks up well against the best credit cards on the market. Below we profile the Fifth Third offerings:

  • The Fifth Third Trio credit card is a cash back credit card that offers a 3% rebate on restaurant purchases, a 2% rebate on gas, grocery, and drug store purchases (on up to $1500 in combined purchases within a calendar quarter), and 1% everywhere else. You can also get a $100 bonus rebate if you spend at least $1000 with the card within the first three months of having it. Overall, not a bad card, but there are better options on the market. See our Cash Back Credit Cards page for a list of the best.
  • The Fifth Third Truly Simple Credit Card offers a 0% introductory interest rate on your purchases and any balances transferred to the card for the first 15 months you have the card. (However, note that balances transferred from other cards do have a fee equal to 4% of the amount transferred.) After the first 15 months, the interest rate on this card could be as low as 13.74% if you have an excellent credit history, but it could also be as high as 24.74% if your credit isn’t as good, so this is only a “low interest” card for some customers. Overall, this card stacks up well to others in our Zero Interest Credit Cards list.

  • The Fifth Third Stand Up To Cancer credit card is a reward credit card that also benefits the cancer research project Stand Up To Cancer. You earn points on your purchases and Stand Up To Cancer also receives a contribution based on you having and using the card. For you this means that you get 1 point per dollar on all of your card purchases, and you can use those points in the traditional way of cash back or gift card rewards, or you can contribute the points as additional charitable contributions to Stand Up To Cancer. In terms of pure rewards, this card does not stack up well to other rewards credit cards, so your main purpose in getting it would be to benefit cancer research.
  • The Fifth Third Secured MasterCard is a credit card for those looking to build a credit history for the first time, or those who have a bad credit history and want to get back on the right path. The way it works: you deposit money into a 5/3 bank account; the amount you deposit (at least $300 required) is the size of your credit line on the card. This is NOT a debit card — the money you put in is a security deposit, and you pay your bill each month like any other credit card. The security deposit is a backup for the bank’s protection. Over time, if you make your payments on time, this secured card can help improve your credit and you can hopefully move into a standard, unsecured credit card. There is a $24 annual fee to have this card, on top of any money you deposit. The interest rate of 25.74% is high — see our Secured Credit Cards page for other, cheaper options.