Review: Exxon Mobil Credit Cards

exxon-mobil-credit-cardExxonMobil offers multiple credit cards via Citibank, including a consumer card and three commercial options, that may be good for frequent buyers at Exxon and Mobil gas stations. Our overview / review of the Exxon Mobil credit cards is below:

The first thing to know about ExxonMobil credit cards is that they can only be used at Exxon and Mobil stations, nowhere else. This limited usage is a red flag for us — unless a card really provides some nice benefits, you don’t want to open a new credit line just for it.

Do ExxonMobil cards offer really nice benefits? If you’re a very frequent user, maybe. Here’s the rundown:

  • The ExxonMobil Smart Card is the consumer credit card. It offers you a 6-cent-per-gallon rebate on Exxon & Mobil gas, regardless of how much gas you buy. (You’ll get a better deal for a short time when you first open the card — 12 cents per gallon.) While this card’s rebate is OK, watch out for this card’s terrible 28.74% interest rate! If you ever carry a balance, you’ll probably end up paying more in interest than you ever get in gas discounts.
  • ExxonMobil commercial credit cards, for the most part, are mostly for managing your fuel spend without a lot of savings or rewards.  The Business Fleet Card does offer a bit of a rebate, but you’ll need to spend a lot to get anything substantial — just a penny per gallon if you purchase less than 500 gallons per month, but up to 6 cents per gallon if your fleet buys over 10,000 gallons per month.

We can’t really recommend any of the Exxon Mobil cards when considering other credit cards on the market, but dedicated Exxon customers might see some value here.