Review: Dillard’s Credit Cards

Dillard’s, in partnership with Wells Fargo, offers 2 credit cards that allow you to earn points toward future Dillard’s purchases. Our overview / review of these cards is below:

Dillard’s offers an American Express Card and a standard store credit card. The choice of cards is not your choice, however. When you apply, you are automatically considered for the Dillard’s American Express. If you don’t qualify due to your credit history, you will likely then be accepted for the card that can be used at Dillard’s only. The store-only card offers fewer rewards and a higher interest rate, so be aware that it is a very different card.

Both Dillard’s credit cards offer you 2 points per dollar on Dillard’s purchases. For every 1500 points you earn, you get a choice of:

  • A 10%-Off shopping pass. (Get 10% off your complete order in a single day), or
  • A $10 reward certificate, meaning you get $10 in free merchandise.

Which reward you choose will depend, of course, on how much you want to spend at Dillard’s. If you plan to make a purchase over $100, you’ll want the 10%-Off pass, otherwise you’ll want the $10 gift certificate. (In case the math is getting the best of you, any purchase over $100 with a 10% discount is going to save you more money than the $10 gift certificate.)

If you get the Dillard’s American Express Card, you can also earn points in other ways:

  • 2 points per dollar at grocery stores and gas stations that accept American Express
  • 1 point per dollar on purchases anywhere else American Express is accepted

Those “extra” point opportunities are not available to those holding the Dillard’s store-only card, because you can’t use the card anywhere but Dillard’s.

As mentioned above, the other difference between the Dillard’s American Express Card and the Dillard’s-only store credit card is the interest rate:

  • Dillard’s American Express: 11.74% to 26.74% interest rate, depending on your credit history
  • Dillard’s store credit card: 24.74% or 26.74%

So, the bottom line on the Dillard’s credit cards is this: If you have good enough credit to get accepted for the American Express Card at an 11.74% interest rate or close to it, this could be a very good card for you. However, if you know your credit is probably not good enough to get accepted at one of those rates, we say steer clear: your credit history would suggest that you have a tendency to carry balances on your card, and the Dillard’s credit card will sock you with a high enough interest rate that the rewards will not make up for the interest you pay.

If you do want to apply for the Dillard’s credit card, you can not do so online. You must apply inside a Dillard’s store or call 1-800-643-8276 to have an application mailed to you.