Review: David’s Bridal Credit Card

davids-bridal-credit-cardDavid’s Bridal, in partnership with Comenity Capital Bank, offers a credit card you can use to finance your wedding dress and related items, often at a 0% rate. But be careful! Our complete overview / review of the David’s Bridal credit card is below:

The first thing to understand about the David’s Bridal credit card is that it is only accepted at David’s Bridal and nowhere else. Opening a new credit line purely to pay for a one-time (hopefully) purchase of a wedding dress and accessories could be a poor decision, especially if you have a shaky credit history, because each new credit line you open is a hit to your credit score, at least in the short term.

That said, it is understandable why you might be tempted. In most cases, David’s Bridal will offer you this card with 0% financing, meaning you can string out your payments for 6 months and sometimes even longer without paying any interest.

But read the fine print!

In most cases, these types of 0% offers are deferred-interest offers. This means that you must pay off every penny of the purchase within the promotional period, or you will be charged all of the interest that would’ve accrued since the date you made the purchase — as if the 0% offer had never existed! And the interest rate you’ll pay if that happens? 27.24%!!!!! That’s extremely high! If that were to occur, you’ll find you would’ve been better off using a card you already had with a lower interest rate.

If you’re sure you can handle the payments, financing your David’s Bridal purchase can make sense. You can apply for the David’s Bridal credit card online, but there’s no reason to do so — your best bet is to choose your dress at a store and see what type of promotional financing is being offered at the time. They’ll be more than happy to supply the application 🙂

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