Review: Citizens Bank Credit Cards

citizens-bank-ccCitizens Bank offers 2 consumer credit cards, one of which is among the very best in its category, and one… not so much. Our overview / review of the cards is below:

  • The Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus MasterCard is a cash back credit card that gives you a flat 1.8% rebate on all your card purchases — no special purchasing categories to consider, just a 1.8% rebate on everything. No annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and an interest rate of either 16.24%, 20.24%, or 24.24%, depending on your credit history. This card does offer a 0% interest rate on balances you transfer to it from other cards, but note that there is a one-time balance transfer fee of 4% of the amount you transfer. (See our Cash Back Credit Cards page to compare this offer to others.)

  • The Citizens Bank Clear Value MasterCard is a no-frills, no-annual-fee credit card for people that don’t care about rewards and just want a lower interest rate. Specifically, you’ll get an interest rate about 2 percentage points lower than the Cash Back Plus card described above — either 14.24%, 18.24%, or 22.24%, depending on your credit history. The balance transfer offer is a bit better, too — you’ll get a 0% rate on balances you transfer to this card for 18 months, and the balance transfer fee is lower at 3%. This card does have a foreign transaction fee of 3% on purchases made outside of the United States, in contrast to the card above, which has none. This is difficult to understand, as this card is supposed to be the “clear value” of the two, but has a glaring feature offering less value! Overall, only an “OK” card — the balance transfer offer is strong when compared to other 0% balance transfer credit cards, but the interest rate is not so great when compared to other low interest credit cards.