Review: Brooks Brothers Credit Card

Well-known apparel retailer Brooks Brothers, in partnership with Citibank, offers a credit card you can use to earn points toward future Brooks Brothers purchases. Below we offer an overview / review of the card to help you decide if it is for you:

The first thing to understand about the Brooks Brothers card is that by applying you are actually agreeing to be accepted for either of 2 different cards:

  1. The Brooks Brothers MasterCard, which can be used at Brooks Brothers and anywhere else MasterCard is accepted, or
  2. The Brooks Brothers store credit, which is accepted only at Brooks Brothers and offers fewer rewards and a higher interest rate.

You don’t make the decision on which card you’ll get, Citibank makes the call. If your credit is decent, you’ll get the MasterCard. If your credit history is not good, you’ll only get accepted for the store card (or no card at all). If you don’t qualify for the MasterCard, we say you should definitely pass this one by. It has a ridiculously high 24.74% interest rate and offers few of the perks of the MasterCard.

Now, assuming you qualify for the MasterCard, what does the card offer you in points and perks? You get:

  • 6 points per dollar on Brooks Brothers purchases with the card and 1 point per dollar on all other card purchases. For each 1,000 points you accrue, you’ll get a $10 rewards card you can use toward a future Brooks Brothers purchase
  • An immediate 15% discount off your first day’s purchases with the card.
  • 15% off of Brooks Brothers purchases for the first 30 days you have the card.
  • A $20 rewards card the first time you use the Mastercard for purchases outside of Brooks Brothers
  • A $20 reward card on your birthday.

(If you only had the Brooks Brothers store credit card, you’d get the 6 points per dollar on Brooks Brothers purchases, a one-day 15% Brooks Brothers discount, and the $20 birthday reward card.)

The Brooks Brothers MasterCard interest rate varies depending on your credit history. You could be approved at a rate of 15.99% or 18.99% or 22.99%. The 15.99% rate is OK for a reward credit card, the 18.99% rate is questionable, and the 22.99% rate is terrible. If you ever carry a balance on your credit cards, do not get this card if you’re offered one of the higher interest rates — the interest you pay will essentially wipe out the rewards you receive. (As for the store-only card, we simply can’t recommend any card with a 24.74% rate.)

So, if you always pay off your credit cards in full and on time, the Brooks Brothers Mastercard offers some nice perks. You can apply in a Brooks Brothers store or via this online application.