Review: Boy Scouts Credit Card

boy-scouts-credit-cardNOTE: This Boy Scouts credit card is no longer offered. If a new Boy Scouts credit card is introduced, we will review it in this space.

Boy Scouts of America, in partnership with UMB Financial, offers a Discover credit card that allows you to earn points toward Boy Scout merchandise or other rewards. Our overview / review of the Boy Scouts credit card is below:

The Boy Scouts Discover Card is a fairly straightforward rewards credit card. You get 1 point per dollar charged to the card, and also 1 point per dollar on any balances you transfer from other credit cards. You can then use those points toward Boy Scout merchandise or gift cards, travel rewards, statement credits, etc.

At face value, it’s not a particularly competitive rewards card — you can definitely find better reward formulas on our Cash Rebate Credit Cards page. However, our guess is that you are considering this card as a way to support Boy Scouts as well as earn rewards. Because Boy Scouts of America has endorsed this card, the organization is obviously receiving some sort of compensation when new customers sign up for a card. Unfortunately, there is no transparency here — there is no way to know how much Boy Scouts is getting for new customers or whether your ongoing card purchases benefit the organization in any way.

Bottom line: Boy Scouts is getting something, but who knows what.

Really the only other aspect of this card to consider is its interest rate. You may qualify for a rate anywhere from 13.99% to 17.99%, depending on your credit history. This rate range isn’t great, though it’s not terrible compared to other credit cards on the market. However, if you have a history of carrying balances on your credit cards, pass this one by — you could end up paying more in interest than you receive in rewards. (Check our Low Interest Credit Cards page if you tend to carry a card balance.)

If you’d like to apply for a Boy Scouts credit card, you’ll find an online application here.

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