Review: Boscov’s Credit Card

Regional department store chain Boscov’s, in partnership with Comenity Capital Bank, offers a credit card that allows you to earn reward points toward future Boscov’s purchases. Our overview / review of the Boscov’s card is below:

The Boscov’s credit card is only accepted at Boscov’s stores, not at any other merchants. This limited acceptance is something to consider — do you shop at Boscov’s often enough to want to open a new credit line for purchases there?

Maybe you do. If so, you will earn reward points on your Boscov’s card purchases, with point values increasing as your spending increases. You get:

  • 1 point per dollar on total yearly card purchases of at least $300 up to $1499
  • 2 points per dollar if yearly card purchases are at least $1500 up to $2999
  • 4 points per dollar if yearly card purchases are $3000 or more.

The actual issuance of rewards certificates based on your point totals is very confusing. The terms of the program only say that rewards certificates are issued about 6 times per year. It seems that you need at least 300 points to get a certificate. Points are worth a penny a piece, so 300 points would be a $3.00 reward, for example.

In addition, you’ll receive special coupons throughout the year tailored to your level of purchases. Presumably your coupons get more generous as your spending rises.

As a new Boscov’s credit card holder, you will receive a one-day 15%-offer to be used when you first receive your card.

While these rewards sound good if you are a frequent Boscov’s shopper, a caveat: the Boscov’s credit card has a 27.49% interest rate! That is very high! You do not want this credit card if you ever carry a balance from month to month on your cards — the interest you pay will essentially cancel out any rewards you receive.

That said, if you want to apply for a Boscov’s credit card, you can do so in store or via this online application.