Review: Bloomingdale’s Credit Card

Bloomingdale’s offers multiple credit cards that allow you to earn points toward future Bloomie’s purchases. Our overview / review of the Bloomingdale’s cards is below:

Bloomingdale’s offers a store-only credit card (you can use it only at Bloomingdale’s) and a Bloomingdale’s American Express Card (that you can use anywhere American Express is accepted). Each card offers points in the Loyallist rewards program.

Specifically, you will earn:

  • 3 points per dollar charged with the card at Bloomingdale’s
  • 6 points per dollar on card purchases of shoes, cosmetics and fragrances
  • If you have the Bloomingdale’s American Express Card, you will also earn 4 points per dollar on gas station, supermarket, and restaurant purchases with the card and 2 points per dollar on all other purchases outside of Bloomie’s.

Every time you reach 5000 points you get a $25 Bloomingdale’s rewards card that you can use toward future purchases.

If you are a frequent card user (over $3500 yearly), you will qualify for the Bloomingdale’s “Top Of The List” Card, which gives you 4 points per dollar on Bloomingdale’s purchases and some other perks as well.

When you apply for a Bloomingdale’s credit card, you’ll get an instant 20% off your Bloomingdale’s purchases on the day you are approved as well as the next day. (Maximum savings of $250 for this offer.)

The interest rate on the Bloomingdale’s credit card is 26.24%, which is extremely high! Don’t get this card if you EVER carry a balance on your credit cards. The interest you pay will essentially cancel out any rewards you earn.

You can apply for the store-only Bloomingdale’s credit card via this online application. If you’d prefer the Bloomingdale’s American Express Card, you’ll need to apply in a Bloomingdale’s store. While it is not stated anywhere online, the American Express Card will be more difficult to qualify for — you’ll need to have a good history of credit usage to get it.

Bloomingdale’s credit cards are issued by Department Stores National Bank in partnership with Citibank.