Review: Bank of the West Credit Cards

Bank of the West offers 3 credit cards for customers of various credit types, though none of the cards are especially appealing when compared to the wider market. Our overview / review of the cards is below:

  • The Bank of the West Platinum Credit Card is a standard no-annual-fee credit card with no rewards but slightly lower interest rates than you might get from a rewards card. You may qualify for their lowest rate of 16.99%, but you still could be approved at a rate as high as 24.99%, making this card only OK for those seeking a low rate. You might also look to our Lowest Interest Credit Cards page to see other options if the interest rate is your main concern.
  • The Bank of the West Secured Credit Card is for those trying to build a credit history for the first time or trying to rebuild their history after past credit problems. It requires you put down a refundable security deposit of anywhere from $300 to $1200 (your choice how much to put down) and then you get a credit line equal to that security deposit. From there, you use it like any other credit card, making purchases and then paying it off each month — note that your security deposit is NOT used to pay off your purchases; it is only there as a safety for the bank if you eventually fail to pay. If you make on-time payments with this card, it can help you improve your credit score and hopefully qualify for a standard, unsecured credit card. (You’ll also get that security deposit back when you no longer want or need this card, assuming you’ve paid off all of your card purchases.) This card has a $25 annual fee that is separate from the security deposit, and an interest rate of 22.99%. Overall, a pretty decent secured card option.