Review: Ashley Stewart Credit Card

ashley-stewart-ccPlus size retailer Ashley Stewart, in partnership with Comenity Bank, offers a credit card with some limited rewards and discounts that you might enjoy — but be careful with this card! Our full overview / review of the Ashley Stewart credit card is below:

The first thing to understand about the Ashley Stewart credit card is that it is only accepted at Ashley Stewart, nowhere else. This limited acceptance is usually a red flag for us — do you really need to open a new credit line good at only one retailer? Is there a reason to get this card in favor of other credit cards with wider usage?

In our view, no. But we can see how you might be tempted. The Ashley Stewart credit card offers you:

  • 20% off the first purchase you make with the card.
  • a 20% off birthday coupon each year
  • other discounts exclusive to cardholders.

No one wants to pass by easy discounts, but this credit card has something that could quickly cancel out those discounts: an interest rate of 25.24%!!!

If you ever carry a balance on your credit cards, an interest rate of over 25% is NOT something you should sign up for just to get some short-term discounts. You will end up paying more in interest than you receive in goodies.

However, if you always pay off your balances in full and you have to have those discounts, you can apply for the Ashley Stewart credit card via this online application.

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