Review: Arvest Bank Credit Cards

arvest-bank-credit-cardArvest Bank, with locations in close to a dozen states in the south-central United States, offers 3 personal credit cards to its customers — which card you get will depend on your credit history. (Note that Arvest does not offer its credit cards outside its regular operating area.) Below we give an overview / review of the cards from Arvest:

For most card customers, the only real difference between the 3 no-annual-fee Arvest credit cards is the interest rate:

  • Visa Platinum – The 14.4% interest rate is a good rate, provided you qualify for this card.
  • Visa Gold – The 17.4% rate on this card is OK, though not great.
  • Visa Classic – Offers a 21.0% interest rate, which is not so good, but maybe lower than other credit cards on the market if your credit is less-than-stellar.

In addition to the interest rate info, you should know that Arvest offers a very basic reward points program with all of its cards. It gives you 1 point per dollar charged to the card, and points can be redeemed for cash back, travel rewards, gift cards, etc. It’s an OK program, but you can definitely find better rewards cards if that is a priority for you.

However, if a decent interest rate is your top priority and Arvest is in your neighborhood, their cards are worth a look.