Review: American Morgan Horse Association Credit Card

amha-credit-cardThe American Morgan Horse Association, in partnership with UMB Bank, offers an affinity credit card that helps you support the AMHA with every card purchase. If you’d like to support the AMHA, this is a good way to do it, but we wouldn’t recommend this credit card otherwise. Our overview / review is below:

According to the AMHA, the “American Morgan Horse Association will receive a portion of every dollar that each cardholder charges.” However, it does not state what that portion is, so it is impossible to know just how much your spending is helping the cause.

In a similar way, the site says you can earn “redeemable rewards points by shopping at participating retailers.*” No mention is made of who these retailers are or how much you can earn, but it’s safe to say that you are not receiving points for every dollar you spend, only on certain purchases. This is a decidedly worse reward program than you’ll find almost anywhere these days.

In terms of the card’s interest rate, it’s not great, not horrible. On the low end, you could get approved at a 14.24% rate, on the high end it’s 18.24%. Which rate you get will depend on your credit history. There is no annual fee for this card.

So, if you’re content to have an unknown portion of your credit card spending go to the AMHA and have the ability to possibly earn some rewards in some way, you can apply for the card here.

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