Review: Academy Sports Credit Card

Academy Sports + Outdoor, in partnership with US Bank, offers a credit card you can use to acquire rewards points toward discounts on future Academy Sports purchases. Our overview / review of the Academy Sports credit card is below:

The first thing to note is that the Academy credit card is a Visa card, which means you can at Academy Sports AND anywhere else Visa is accepted. This is a plus in our eyes, because if you’re going to open a new credit line, it is better to open it for a card that has wide usage versus being accepted at only one store chain.

The Academy Sports Visa offers generous rewards, too. You get:

  • 5 reward points per dollar on Academy Sports purchases charged to the card
  • 2 points per dollar at gas stations
  • 1 point per dollar on other card purchases outside Academy Sports + Outdoor
  • 1,000 bonus points after your first purchase with the card
  • A $25 discount the first time you the card, either in the form of a statement credit (if purchase is online) or as $25 off your purchase (if in store).

The reward points you receive are basically worth a penny each — when you accumulate 2500 of them, you get a $25 Academy rewards card to use toward a future Academy Sports purchase.

The card has no annual fee, but watch the interest rate: those with excellent credit histories can get a very reasonable 11.74% interest rate, but if your credit history is not so great you could be approved at a higher rate, possibly as high as 23.74%. If you get approved at a higher rate, and you think you’ll ever carry a balance on this card, then you should get rid of it quick. At that APR you will pay more in interest than you ever gain in rewards.

Overall, though, the Academy Sports + Outdoor Visa has a lot of features to recommend it. You can apply for the card in-store or via the online application.