Review: REI Credit Card

REI offers a MasterCard credit card that its paid members can use to get REI rewards. While anyone can buy from REI, the company offers memberships that entitle members to discounts and offers such as the REI credit card — you must be a member to get the card. ($20 gives you a lifetime membership to REI.)

The first thing to note about the REI credit card is that it is a MasterCard, meaning it is accepted widely, a plus in our book. If you’re going to open a new credit line and potentially ding your credit rating, it’s better to do so for a card that can be used widely like this. Many other retail credit cards like this are good only at the single retailer, so being a MasterCard is a good thing.

So, what do you get from this card in terms of rewards?

  • 5% cash back on REI purchases
  • 2% cash back on grocery purchases
  • 1% cash back on other purchases with the card.
  • A $100 REI gift card if you use the card within 60 days of getting it.

There is nothing about this offer that makes the REI credit card all that unique in comparison to other reward credit cards. It’s simply a matter of how often you shop at REI and whether you are already a member of REI (or want to pay $20 to become one).

The REI MasterCard offers an interest rate of anywhere from 11.24% to 23.24%, depending on your credit — so you’ll want to think twice about getting it if you ever carry a balance on your credit cards.

The REI credit card is issued in partnership with US Bank. You can apply online via this online application.