Regions Bank Credit Cards Review

Regions Bank offers a number of credit cards, including some with their Relationship Rewards program built in or as an option. Below we offer an overview of the cards available:

  • The Regions Bank Life Visa is a no-annual-fee, no rewards credit card that focuses on giving you a lower interest rate, including a 0% rate on your purchases for the first 15 months you have the card. (You’ll be offered an interest rate of anywhere from 13.99% to 22.99% after that, depending on your credit history.) You can also transfer balances from other credit cards to this one and get a 0% rate on those transferred balances for 15 months — but you will pay a one-time fee of 4% of the amount transferred if you choose to do that.
  • The Regions Prestige Visa Signature offers a lukewarm rewards program, giving you one point per dollar in the Regions Relationship Rewards program, which essentially equates to a 1% rebate on your purchases. This is far below the standard of many other cash back credit cards on the market, some which offer 2% on all your purchases. You can earn an extra 10,000 points, equal to $100, if you spend at least $500 with the card in the first 90 days of having it. No annual fee. 0% interest rate on new card purchases for 12 months, and 0% rate on balance transfers for 12 months, too. (4% balance transfer fee, however.)
  • The Regions Bank Premium Visa Signature has an annual fee of $125 but offers greater rewards. You get 1.5 points per dollar on all of your card purchases, equal to 1.5% cash back, and you can get a one-time 30,000-point bonus worth $300 if you spend at least $2000 with the card within 90 days of opening the account. 0% rate on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months, 4% fee on balance transfers. Also offers Visa Signature benefits like Price Protection, Lost Luggage Reimbursement, etc. This card is really not worth the annual fee, as you can find no-annual-fee cash back cards that offer 1.5% cash back or better.
  • The Regions Bank Explore Visa is a secured credit card targeted to those who need to build or rebuild their credit scores. You must put down a security deposit, which goes into a Regions savings account, and you get a credit card with a credit line equal to that deposit. You use the card like any other credit card, paying your bills each month out of your own money — your security deposit is not touched, it is only there as a safety for the bank in case you don’t pay. Over time, making on-time payments to this card can help you build a better credit history. When you no longer need the card, you can remove the security deposit from the Regions savings account. This card has an annual fee of $29 and an interest rate of 24.74%, both of which are fairly competitive for a secured card.