Review: Pottery Barn Credit Card

pottery-barn-credit-card-2The Pottery Barn credit card, issued in partnership with Comenity Bank, offers you the option to buy on credit and also earn Pottery Barn rewards. Below is a brief overview / review of the card:

The Pottery Barn credit card is good for use at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and PBteen stores, as well as Pottery Barn online and catalog sales. While we often frown upon credit cards with limited acceptance such as this one, the generous reward program is hard to resist if you’re a regular Pottery Barn customer. You essentially get 10% in rewards on your purchases. For every dollar you charge on the card you get 1 point; when you reach 250 points you get a $25 Rewards Certificate.

On purchases of $750 or more, you can forgo the rewards and instead get 0% financing on the purchase with 12 months to pay it off. Note, however, what that means — you must pay off the charge IN FULL within the 12 months or you will charged ALL of the interest that would’ve accrued from the date of your purchase, as if the 0% offer had never existed! And the interest rate if you do have to pay? 26.99%!!!

You’ll want to think hard about that deal before you jump in for the 0% financing.

All that said, the Pottery Barn credit card is good for those who are regular PB shoppers and who always pay off their cards in full. Otherwise, steer clear. You can apply for the Pottery Barn in store or via this online application.