Review: Office Depot Credit Cards

office-depot-credit-cardOffice supply superstore Office Depot has 3 credit cards that it issues in partnership with Citibank — a consumer credit card and 2 business credit card options. Below is a short overview / review of the cards:

  • The Office Depot Personal Credit Card gives you the ability to buy on credit at Office Depot, but probably more important is the fact that it offers a 0% interest rate for 12 months on purchases you make of $299 or more. Watch out, though — if you don’t completely pay off your balance within that 6-month period, you will get charged interest going all the way back to the date of your purchase, as if the 0% rate had never existed. And the card’s high interest rate — 26.24% — is not something you want applied to a sizable card balance.
  • The Office Depot Business Credit Account is a business credit card that allows you to pay for your purchases over time if you choose. It also offers you a one-time $50 savings on your first purchase of $150 or more with the card, as long as you make the purchase within 60 days of opening the account. It has a 23.99% interest rate, so think twice before you use this card to finance large purchases.
  • The Office Depot Business Account with Full Balance Due Terms is geared toward larger businesses that want to buy on credit but do not want the option to pay over time (and pay interest). It also does not offer the $50 upfront promotion that the standard Business Credit Account does.