Review: Nordstrom Credit Cards

nordstrom-credit-cardNordstrom offers 2 credit cards that it issues through a partnership between its own Nordstrom Bank and TD Bank. Below is an overview / review of each of the cards offered:

  • The Nordstrom store credit card can only be used for purchases at Nordstrom stores or online. It offers 2 points per dollar on Nordstrom purchases, and you get a $20 “Nordstrom Note” gift certificate for every 2,000 points earned. There are also special bonus point shopping days throughout the year. If you use the card to spend $100 on the day you are approved, you’ll get an extra $20 Nordstrom Note. It has an interest rate as low as 11.15% but you could be approved at a rate as high as 23.15%. The points program is not particularly generous, amounting to about a 2% reward; many retail credit cards with points programs offer 5% rewards.
  • The Nordstrom Visa Signature Card offers everything the Nordstom store card offers, but you can also use it anywhere that Visa is accepted and you will earn 1 point per dollar on all purchases outside Nordstrom. Last we looked, this card was only available by visiting a Nordstrom store to apply. This card has an interesting interest rate structure — while your purchases at Nordstrom could have an interest rate as low as 11.15%, card purchases outside Nordstrom have a higher interest rate, with 15.15% being the lowest APR on these purchases.

When you apply, you will first be considered for the Nordstrom store-only card. Nordstrom says that “customers who make frequent purchases at Nordstrom will also be considered for the Visa card.” This doesn’t make much sense; our guess is that you will be issued the Visa if your credit history is good enough, regardless of your purchase history at Nordstrom. You’ll find an online application here.