Review: Menards Credit Cards

menards-credit-cardHome improvement store chain Menards offers 2 credit cards that frequent consumer or business buyers should find appealing. Our overview / review of the Menards credit cards is below:

The Menards Big Card credit card is the consumer Menards card, offered in partnership with Capital One. It offers rewards in the form of gift certificates based on your use of the card. You get:

  • 2% of your purchases at Menards stores back as gift certificates
  • 1% of your purchases back when you use the card at Speedway, Holiday, and Kwik Trip / Kwik Star locations
  • An extra 1%-2% rebate on certain brand purchases, such as Tide, 409, Ajax, Glade, etc.

As an alternative to the rebates, Menards offers special financing on individual larger purchases, including 0% financing for 6 months on purchases over $299 or 48-month financing at 3.99% on purchases over $1500. (Be careful of the 6-month financing; if you don’t pay ALL of the balance off in 6 months, you’ll get charged all of the interest that would’ve accrued from the date of your purchase.)

While all these rebates and offers are good, you should be aware of the Big Card’s big interest rate: 25.24%!!! If you are the type to carry balances on your credit cards (which you shouldn’t be), then you should steer clear, because the interest you pay will essentially wipe out the perks you receive.

That said, you can apply for the Menards Big Card via the online application or in a Menards store.

Menards also offers the Contractor Card that offers similar rewards to the Big Card, but offers its enhanced rebates on brands that are more likely to be purchased often by contractors, such as major appliance and faucet manufacturers. You can apply for this card online or in a Menards store.

In addition, there is a Menards Commercial Account for large companies that offers no rewards but gives the convenience of monthly billing and the freedom to issue cards to multiple employees.