Review: L.L. Bean Credit Card

ll-bean-credit-cardOutdoor outfitter L.L. Bean offers a credit card in partnership with Barclays Bank that allows you to earn rebates that you can put toward future L.L. Bean purchases. Below we offer our overview / review of the card.

The first feature to point out about the L.L. Bean credit card is that it is a Visa card, meaning it is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, which is pretty much everywhere. This is a good thing when compared to many retail credit cards that are only accepted at a single store chain.

The reward program that the L.L. Bean Visa card offers is simple to understand. You get:

  • A 3% rebate on L.L. Bean merchandise.
  • A 1% rebate on everything else you buy with the card.

The card also entitles you to free monogramming on L.L. Bean products, free returns on your purchases, and other special offers throughout the year.

There is no annual fee for the L.L. Bean credit card and it offers an interest rate as low as 14.24% (though you could be approved at a 17.24% or 20.24% interest rate if you don’t have the best credit history). While those rates aren’t that bad relative to many other cards, you still don’t want to get this card if you’re likely to carry a balance — you’ll pay more in interest than you make back in rebates.

You can apply for the L. L. Bean credit card online and get instant approval via this application.